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Skirts & Shorts

Delve into our Skirts & Shorts collection, where femboys can find a curated selection of top-quality clothing designed to elevate their wardrobe. From stylish skirts to comfortable shorts, our collection offers versatile options to suit every femboy outfit. Express your unique style with confidence through our carefully selected skirts and shorts tailored for femboys.


Close-up shot of a Femzai Plaid Blue Gothic Skirt featuring a vivid blue and black checkered pattern, designed for the femboy clothing collection. The skirt's detailed laced-up waistband with silver eyelets and a black tie adds a punk-inspired edge to the flowing, knee-length cut.
B-line Dancer Skirt - Femzai
Close-up shot with a front view of a toned model showcasing white Femzai shorts with iridescent detailing against a bright background, highlighting the product's design and fit.
Blazer Suit & Shorts Set - Femzai
Model showcasing Femzai blue blazer suit skirt set – a key piece in femboy clothing collection, paired with a white crop top and holding a designer bag on a bustling city street backdrop.
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Close-up side view of Femzai Mini Dance Skirt in black, showcasing the soft and stretchy fabric against a white background – femboy clothing style.
Close-up front view of our black Lightly Striped Pleated Mini Skirt worn by a model in fishnet stockings against a clean white background, showcasing intricate details.
Low-Waist Zipper Mini Skirt in Black - Close-up Front View
Close-up front view of Femzai Checkerboard Patterned Pleated Skirt, showcasing the distinctive chain embellishment and pattern, perfect for femboy outfits.
Close-up front view of Femzai's black Goth Shorts with Belt Chain, highlighting the distressed details and silver chain accent.
Close-up front view of Femzai's Punk Skirt with Leather Belt, showcasing intricate details and the belt's texture.
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Sports Shorts
$999 $1499
Elegant black Femzai denim skirt presented on a hanger, emphasizing its classic and versatile style for diverse femboy clothing options.
Close-up front view of a dark blue Femzai Denim Casual Skirt, showcasing the rich color and detailed stitching, a stylish piece in femboy attire.
Close-up front view of a model showcasing the Femzai Bowknot Lace Skirt, highlighting the delicate lace fabric and sweet bowknot details, exemplifying elegant and playful femboy attire.
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