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Femboy Starter Kit

Dive into our Femboy Starter Kit, where you'll find a carefully curated selection of essential femboy clothing to kickstart your journey. From versatile tops to stylish bottoms, our kit offers everything you need to express your unique style with confidence. Explore top-quality femboy outfits designed to empower your individuality and elevate your wardrobe to new heights.


Save 33%
Sports Shorts
$999 $1499
Classic femboy 3 stripe thigh highs.
Save 23%
Save 20%
Front view close-up of our black leg garter worn on a model with thigh-high attire, showcasing elegant details against a clean white background.
Save 20%
Flat lay view of a collection of femboy dolphin shorts in multiple colors: black, white, pink, and navy blue, paired with a magazine, glasses, and a bottle of lotion. Each short features contrasting side stripes and adjustable drawstrings.
Striped Thigh-Highs
Save 20%
Solid Crop Tee
$1599 $1999
A close-up shot of a person wearing extra-long, black thigh-high stockings, presenting a side angle view that emphasizes the stretch and fit of the stockings as part of femboy clothing.
Save 13%
Heart Buckled Leather Choker - Femzai
Photoshoot of loose strap panties for femboys by Femzai, Baby blue
Save 20%
Top View of femboy contrasting bikini, the perfect match for any femboy outfit
Save 15%
Front view of Femzai's 'Come Here Daddy' Vest Tops and Panties Set in black, showcasing bold and alluring femboy clothing design.
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