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Hosiery & Stockings

Explore our Hosiery & Stockings collection, where femboys can find a curated selection of top-quality clothing designed to complement their outfits. From stylish stockings to versatile hosiery, our collection offers options to suit every femboy outfit. Complete your look and express your unique style with confidence through our carefully selected hosiery and stockings tailored for femboys.


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Classic femboy 3 stripe thigh highs.
Save 23%
Lace-Up Fishnets, top view, femboy clothing
Fishnets with Leg Ring Harness, side view, medium shot, model, thighs
Striped Thigh-Highs
Rainbow Thigh Highs, femboy, leg view, front view
Bowknot Fishnets Stockings, model, thighs, white
Cat Paw Stocking, perfect femboy stocking, bird-eye
Semi close-up of black Sissy Lace Mini Skirt, front view, showcasing delicate lace detailing, a stylish piece from Femzai's femboy clothing collection.
Save 35%
Front view of the Femzai Sissy Bodysuit in elegant black, showcasing delicate lace detailing and sheer mesh fabric, highlighting curves and offering a sultry, confident look.
Save 17%
Sissy Bodysuit
$1499 $1799
Black Cutout Femzai Lace Half Bodysuit, top view, featuring a stylish cutout design - femboy clothing.
Front view of a model showcasing Femzai Cross-Strap Thigh-High Stockings in black, highlighting the unique cross-strap design and thigh-high length, a stylish piece in femboy clothing.
Detailed close-up of white Femzai Bow Knot Stockings, highlighting elegant front bow knots, perfect for enhancing femboy outfits with a delicate touch.
Femboy wearing Femzai Thigh High Stocking Garter Belt, posed on a beige-striped white sofa, side view medium shot.
A close-up shot of a person wearing extra-long, black thigh-high stockings, presenting a side angle view that emphasizes the stretch and fit of the stockings as part of femboy clothing.
Save 13%
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