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Hoodies & Jackets

Explore our collection of hoodies & jackets, where femboys can find the perfect outerwear to complement their style. From trendy hoodies to classic jackets, our selection offers versatile options to suit every femboy aesthetic. Complete your femboy outfit with confidence through our carefully curated hoodies & jackets tailored for femboys.


Close-up front view of Femzai's black cut-shoulder cat-ear hoodie, highlighting its trendy off-shoulder design and cute cat ear details.
Solid Hoodie dress gray, perfect femzai hoodie dress
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Front view of a Femzai Comfy Kitten & Fish hoodie in a striking black and white color block design, with a playful cat face and fish motifs, ideal for femboy clothing style. The medium shot highlights the hoodie's cozy kangaroo pocket and the hood with cute cat ears, perfect for a casual, whimsical fashion statement.
Top view close-up of black oversized hoodie with devil horns design from Femzai, displayed on a white bed - femboy clothing style.
Close-up view of a Femzai purple hoodie featuring the adorable Peach & Goma cat design, perfect for femboy clothing enthusiasts seeking a cute and playful look. The front view highlights the soft lavender hue and the large graphic of two snuggling cartoon cats with a small red heart, set against a simple white background to emphasize the design details.
Long-Sleeve Hoodie, front view, product view
Medium shot of a Femzai oversized black hoodie with colorful braided drawstrings and eclectic multicolored buttons, modeled in a side view that showcases a dynamic urban femboy clothing style. The model is striking a pose with a leg lifted, accentuating the relaxed fit of the hoodie against a modern indoor backdrop, with a hint of a vibrant orange chair adding a pop of color to the scene.
Strawberry Milk Loose Comfy Hoodie
Butterfly Zip-up Hoodie, front view, face, model
Strawberry Juice Carton Loose Comfy Hoodie - Femzai
White femboy fruity summer hoodie, bird eye view
Chainsaw Bunny Cut-Shoulder Hoodie, femzai, front view
Black Femzai Bear-Print Zip-Up Jacket, showcasing a fun bear print, comfortable material, and convenient front pockets, blending playful style and coziness in femboy attire.
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