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Sets - All

Explore our Sets - All collection, where you can find complete femboy outfits curated to perfection. From coordinated tops and bottoms to matching sets, our collection offers versatile options to suit every femboy aesthetic. Elevate your style and express your unique identity with confidence through our carefully selected femboy outfits tailored to enhance your wardrobe.


Cat Paw Stocking, perfect femboy stocking, bird-eye
Black Cutout Femzai Lace Half Bodysuit, top view, featuring a stylish cutout design - femboy clothing.
Astolfo Wig with Bow Knot - Femzai - perfect femboy wig
Medium shot front view of a model wearing a white Femzai sailor-inspired crop top with black accents and bow, paired with a black pleated skirt and striped thigh-high socks, set against a light bedroom backdrop, perfect for a trendy femboy look.
Fur sleep wear, front view of femboy model wearing it, perfect femboy sleepwear piece
Medium shot rear view of a model wearing a blue and pink Femzai D.Va cosplay suit with white gloves, capturing the intricate designs and branding on the suit against a chic wooden floor background.
Front view of the Femzai Sissy Bodysuit in elegant black, showcasing delicate lace detailing and sheer mesh fabric, highlighting curves and offering a sultry, confident look.
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Sissy Bodysuit
$1499 $1799
Femboy flirtatious sleepwear set - blue - birdeye view
Side profile close-up of a female model showcasing the Femzai bodysuit, a standout piece in femboy clothing.
Model confidently showcasing the Femzai White Sailor Uniform, highlighting its crisp design and classic charm, perfect for femboy attire
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Save 17%
Front view of the Femzai Crotchless Lingerie Bodysuit, showcasing the delicate lace detailing and plunging neckline, a seductive piece in our femboy clothing collection.
 Cat-Ears Cosplay